Cabagan, Balote Targets Dart Championship


BSE, DBA and DCS vied in the Dart Championship officiated by Ms. Charisma Mendoza, PE instructor, at CCT Gynasium, August 4 2015, as part of the celebration of the founding Anniversary of CCT 2015-2016. 

Since only three Departments participated, Ms. Mendoza used double round robin game rule which one team would play twice against their opponents. The type of dart game was scalera games race wherein participants had to hit 3 points from number 20 of the dart board to be able to move on the succeeding numbers until they reach 12 and finally the bull’s eyes (iris and the inner bull). 

To eliminate one team, six games were played; BSE versus DCS wherein DCS struck short at section 15 of the dart board in their first game and 13th in the second game while BSE hit the bullseye in both games. It was a close counter between DBA whi won against DCS because both teams reached bullseye but the first caught the stake anyways. It was well a good match between BSE and DBA taking rally turns to strike the bullseye; nevertheless BSE overlook DBA. Overall record of elimination show BSE collecting 4W-0L, DBA having 2-2 and CS with 0-4 meriting BSE with twice to beat advantage. 

DBA and BSE advanced to the championship. The last two games were a nigh careful race to the bullseye. Ms. Mendoza tossed a coin to determine the first department to play. In the first game BA reached the eye first. BSE raced and hit the bullseye at its ring gaining 1 point, but BA was just so eager, gave no chance for a hitbreak to happen,got the first game.

BSE Team reached the bullseye first in the second and finale game, attempted many missile throws to hit bull’s eye but all hits broke until Aldrin Cabangan and Lowie Balote edged their opponent sharo-eyed the bulls, robbed BSE for a DBA-win.

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