School of Education


An academically and morally-centered college committed to share responsible and exploration and professional advancement to provide academic excellence.


Support long learning to meet the highest quality of developmental standards leading to successful completion programs producing globally and academically dignified educators.


  1. Impose a sense of duty on advisors to provide accurate information;
  2. Expose student to new ideas and opportunities to inspire them to explore the path toward academic and professional fulfillment;
  3. Advance the academic advising profession by continuously developing and improving programs and services in response to the changing needs of our diverse students population for social development and transformation;
  4. Offer courses in Teaching Education, including Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Special Education and Pre-school Education


  1. Promote continuous improvement of the advising procedure through ongoing assessment, development and training to get better LET passing rate.
  2. Encourage students engagement for intellectual and personal growth to help them clarify hone their skills in the field of education
  3. Develop and implement an educational plan to meet the needs of the community, the nation and the world;

Tuition Fee

Courses Offered

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education

Our Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Program offers majors in English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Filipino

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