School of Arts and Sciences


Dynamic and progressive college committed to provide quality education by being a catalyst who can effect change in the students' physical, intellectual, social and moral facets necessary in nation building.


Dedicated to the development of well-rounded individuals equipped with knowledge and skills in the field of arts and sciences, fit to cope with the demands of the ever-changing global environment


  1. Provide the students with competent and committed instructors;
  2. develop competencies and skills needed to become effective and efficient individuals; and
  3. produce individuals who can promote social changes towards national development for global competitiveness.


  1. Encourage instructors to pursue higher education and attend seminars/workshops needed;
  2. offer courses in the field of arts and sciences responsive to the needs of the changing times;
  3. equip the individual with theoretical and practical capabilities for total advancement; and
  4. produce graduates in the field of arts and sciences competent to become leaders of the nation.