School of Education


The School of Education shall rise as the Center of Excellence and Development in the highlands of Cavite by continuously upgrading its capacity to provide education of excellent quality. It is imbued with the principles of balanced schooling and holistic development of future teachers and educational leaders who are refined with strong academic foundation, profound spiritual, ethical, and moral values and are grounded with solid knowledge and skills needed in the teaching sphere.


The School of Education is committed to enhance the intellectual and character formation of students by providing opportunities that will make them think critically and creatively, to reason logically, to communicate clearly and well, and to become effective members of technologically-wired society. It shall provide avenues for the students’ skills development in research and technology.


  1. Tie-up with the high-performing local and international HEIs offering Teacher Education Program
  2. Elevate teaching strategies, standards and practices
  3. Adapt to the changing needs of the society and develop professionals who are God-fearing and future-ready
  4. Conduct self-assessment of internal processes and get accredited, and engage in continuous quality improvement
  5. Heighten campaign for educational quality and excellence, intellectual enrichment and character formation.


  1. Strengthen the positive school culture, promote students’ collaboration, and seek affiliation and benchmarking activities on the best practices of some HEIs here and abroad;
  2. Provide trainings for the faculty members to help them upgrade their skills and be constantly abreast with the demands of the society, and elevate their teaching strategies, standards and practices;
  3. Develop better frameworks for productive quality assurance mechanism that will aid the School of Education towards the attainment of first and second levels of accreditation; and
  4. Enhance the holistic student-centered delivery of instruction to achieve educational quality and excellence.

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Secondary Education

Our Bachelor of Secondary Education Program offers majors in English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Filipino

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