School of Business and Management


The School of Business and Management envisions being one of the prime business colleges in the region producing globally responsive graduates imbued with virtues.


The School of Business and Management is devoted to equip individuals with knowledge and skills to become excellent business professionals and leaders who are socially responsible and globally- oriented through relevant academic programs in business and management.


  1. Produce skilled, competent and ethical business professionals;
  2. Provide students with quality business education; and
  3. Prepare students for a creative role in business.


  1. Upgrade and monitor curricula in all levels of discipline essential to the business industry towards academic quality and excellence.
  2. Hone individuals’ professional skills and foster social responsibility through disciplinal integrity that can respond to the challenges and demands of the continually changing needs of business society;
  3. Enhance individuals’ knowledge; bring out talents and full potentials through continuously upgrading teaching methodologies with emphasis on outcome-based program;
  4. Ingrain professional commitment through comprehensive faculty development relevant to the discipline; and
  5. Establish and maintain linkages with other institutions and agencies for educational and business development to increase the entrepreneurial capability and/or employability of graduates.

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The Business Administration program covers the integrated approach and interrelationship among the functional areas of business

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Bachelor of Science in Office Administration

The Administrative Office Professional is the center of communication in any organization

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