Admission of NEW STUDENTS.

All applicants except for Tagaytay City Resident Scholars shall pay a fee of ₱100.00 for the computer-assisted entrance examination. All applicants should take and pass the entrance examination before they will be allowed to enroll in a degree or to a non-degree program. All applicants shall undergo an interview with the Guidance Counselor, then with the Department Chair of chosen program. The Guidance Counselor will issue a certificate of admission to applicants who passed and meet the following qualifications:

  • A graduate from any public or DepEd recognized private secondary schools; and DepEd Alternative Learning System (ALS)
  • Be physically and mentally fit to study
  • Possess a good moral character as certified by the high school Principal; or Guidance Counselor which he/she last attended;
  • An average of 75% and above from the entrance examination would be qualified for the degree programs. Below 75% on the other hand would be qualified for the non-degree programs
  • Obtain a GPA of at least 85% for Bachelor of Secondary Education program.


Transfer students from other schools and colleges/universities will have to undergo an entrance examination and must have passed the interview conducted by the Department Chair of his/her chosen course.

Crediting and evaluation of subjects taken of transfer students from other school will be conducted by the Department Chair or the screening committee assigned per department upon presentation of the official transcript of records.

No transferees shall be admitted after the 2nd year level for BSE course and after the 3rd year level for other programs.

Shifting to Other Programs

Students who intend to shift to another program or major must provide a letter from their parents/guardian allowing them to shift to another course not later than ten (10) working days before the start of the regular registration period; and must accomplish a prescribed form (Change of Academic Program) to be approved by the Department Chair of his/her old program, Department Chair of his/her new program, the Registrar and the College Dean.

Students pursuing degree programs may be allowed to shift to non-degree programs upon approval of their application for shifting.

Students pursuing non-degree program may be allowed to shift to degree programs offered by the College after satisfying the following requirements:

  • GPA of 2.25 or above;
  • Submission of approved application form for shifting

Cross Registration

Cross-registrants from other college/universities should have a written permission from their school registrar to be presented to the CCT College Registrar. The cross-enrolment permit shall state the subjects(s) and the total number of units the student is allowed to cross-register. Cross-registrants may only be admitted if the subjects to be taken in CCT is offered and should have exactly the same description.

CCT students who are planning to cross-enrol to other institution must have a written permit from their department and the college registrar.

Students are allowed to cross-enrol a maximum of six (6) units only for the entire program.

Late Registration

The period for the late registration shall be the following day right after the last day of enrolment. Late enrolees shall only be accepted five (5) school days after the opening of classes. Old students (Tagaytay City Resident Scholars only) who will enrol in this period shall be charged a fine of ₱200.00 (may be changed without prior notice), regardless of the number of days their registration is delayed and the number of units that a student is carrying during the particular term. Paying students will not be charged for late registration. No late registration shall be entertained for summer program.

Teacher Certificate Program

All applicants who finished a four-year course may be allowed to take 18 units in Education. Tagaytay City Resident Scholarship is not applicable in this program.

Foreign Students

CCT is not yet recognized to accept foreign students.

Admission Requirements

  1. New students (Tagaytay City Resident Scholar):
    • Certificate of Admission (from the CCT Guidance Counselor)
    • Approved application form (Tagaytay City Resident Scholar) and Assessment form (from the CCT office of the Scholarship Program)
    • Original copy of F138 (High school card)
    • Original copy of F137 ( must have a request from CCT)
    • Certificate of Good Moral Character
    • Photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate; Marriage Certificate for married female applicants
    • Two pcs. 2x2 and two pcs. 1x1 ID pictures
    • Medical, Dental, X-ray and Drug Test
    • Barangay Clearance
    • Two (2) long brown envelop (with CCT logo)
  2. New students (Paying students/Outside Tagaytay City):
    • Certificate of Admission (from the CCT Guidance Counselor)
    • Original copy of F138 (High school card)
    • Original copy of F137 ( must have a request from CCT)