Tomorrow’s Edge


We all dream for a better future – a future with a hope from the young ones. The heroes that will guide them to improve for good are the professionals that can lead the society. With that, it is our only proof that the hope still does exist.

Teachers are the heroes that every young ones need. It is their job to teach and develop skills of every individual, forming students to be prepared for the reality. Stress and pressure are daily life conflicts – they are the common complaints of the students. Deadlines, paper works, and other common school activity cause physical and emotional stresses among the school children. But do students even think how teachers respond to them or to the problems they experience? How do the teachers feel when those complaints surround them? Teachers are not different from us. Students became knowledgeable and worthy in learning because of them. These people also suffer from pressures and stresses and they handle these things very nicely. Every day they stood in front of the class, they always pretend things are just fine. They always make sure that they choose the perfect profession for the sake of reaching out the students. For them, it is an honor that they are a part of every young ones’ improvement – thus making the hope for the future. Lesson plans do sleep beside them, and being unaware of their sleep hours, they still managed to wake up early just to go to school earlier before student arrival. Most of them do not focus only in teaching but also have different works to do: a part-time member of a family, and sometimes they tend to forget themselves for the sake of teaching. Time is significant but all their time is focused on their students. And they always miss to relax and rest just like what lazy students are doing. For now, there is no doubt that they should be known as the

Time will come when companies will critique each and every student in the future for their jobs performances, attributing and remembering their dedicated teachers modern heroes. Their only weapon is to continuously innovate their pedagogy of teaching to make every student realize that learning is not just memorizing, deeper comprehension and understanding is needed with the use of ICT. They just use students to make a change, a change for a better tomorrow.

The heroism of the teachers should be appreciated, and showing them a sense of gratitude makes them very happy. Students are not students without them. They are one of the means to reach our dreams and goals. Without teachers, there will be no physicians, engineers, businessmen, government and non-government employees and the like.

So TEACHERS,  thank you for educating us.

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