Biggest Event of 2016: Who will Succeed "Matuwid na Daan"?


In this year 2016, President Benigno Aquino Jr. will end his tem according to the constitution and the time for the campaign period will start before May. Such political campaigns will enter our house to seek for some votes. It is the season where money is easy to have and some extra supports for living are not that hard to ask. Being straight to the point, you can give them a vote for a money but this is not the point that we will be tackling.

From the past few years, election has been always a big issue, a big event. Many personalities are eager to have a seat as they filed a COC or Certificate of Candidacy at the COMELEC (Commission of Elections). On the third quarter of 2015’s Social Weather Station Survey, Sen. Grace Poe hit the top on the list then followed by DILG Secretary Mar Roxas and Vice President Jejomar Binay was the third on the list of possible candidates to succeed President Aquino last year. They were the top as some elder citizens all over the Philippines were asked if: after President Aquino, who do you think will succeed as the new leader? Drop at least three names. The Filipinos stand with these candidates but the question is, did they choose the right leader?

We may say that these basis is just a survey but these results is a possible prediction of who will win, so we can lend an  argument about what is right in choosing a candidate. As a responsible Filipino citizen, have you set a standard for an ideal leader? Or you choose to be with a politician that help you for so many times? There is the fact that most person set standards like a leader who “walks the talks” or is responsible of his promises, a strong leader, and anything else. Many consistent persons tend to follow these norms that they have set but most individuals used to choose the leader that helped them. We can generalize the most politicians are using these tactics because it seems more effective than following the standards of the people. The more you sustain a person with his financial and living needs the more you can get them. They used this thing to win and sometimes after the election, it is gone. We can say that we choose a charity worker and not a leader. Let us open our minds and choose the right one, the one who will become a good leader and helper of every citizen. 

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