Every other day, I hear a complaint or two about what people think as  Philippine’s own version of chaos: the president’s false decisions; the turtle-like progression of the country’s economy; hours of heavy traffic and bullets sleeping in bags at airports. Wait a second don’t you think it’s not a very good way to start your day?

According to the old women who were chatting under the roof of waiting shed (I wasn’t eavesdropping, they were talking in volume 10 voices), the president is the one to be blamed for heavy traffic in Manila. I frowned and thought myself, “maybe, the president’s car’s engine malfunctioned and his mechanic spent hours of fixing wires in the middle of the road thus earning long, long lines of unmoving cars and beast-like drivers behind them.” Well, it’s just a wild guess. Point is, our country is not named Perfect Philippines, is it? People living in her land aren’t called Perfect Filipinos, just Filipinos. And our president’s name or surname isn’t Perfect either (I know full well it’s also his middle name). So, why blame him? We always demand for a better president after electing a new one. We always look for someone better than the other but the truth is there’s no better leader (this is an obvious cliché). No one can throw a better judgment because no one has ever looked behind the throne. One must be too kind and the other must be manipulative. People have varied judgment, we cannot exactly label the former that he is more favourable (because others think `king’ leaders are too lenient) and the latter that he is less appreciated (on account of a handful of folks who prefer a leader who radiates unbreakable authority). Say, if we put each of them at the opposite sides of a weighing scale, it would probably result to an equal weight. President A is too compassionate but tends to be lenient; President B possesses strong authority but tends to be respected not because he is authoritarian but because everyone fears him.

Now, you should not judge a person who’s on top of you just because you suffer at the bottom. Candidates are all getting hyped up for the Election 2016 making promises, parading their propagandas and using the most fragrant perfume the whole nation would probably love. Let us use generic tactics to cliché situations like this. Bus as I said, we don’t need a perfect leader. One who could adjust to what the present time suggests and with a great passion to block loopholes permanently will do.

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