Are you a bookworm?


"No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance."


When was the last time you read? Can you last a day without reading? For a college student, the answer should definitely NO. There a lots of reasons why we read to discover new things and the most usual, we read for entertainment. Some of us make reading a habit. And if you consider yourself a bookworm, probably this column is for you 

I grew up without any interest in reading. In fact, I really hate seeing books, when I was younger. I always think that there is a thin line connected between the word ‘Book’ and ‘weirdness’. Until college life introduce a new world to me. World we can be with who everything I can, be with who ever I want to go where ever a part of the universe or world where I can find an escape and that is through reading.

When you read, you can travel anywhere though you are just sitting in one corner of the room. You tend to meet different people. You tend to have a broader perspective in life where you can apply it to yourself for you to become a batter person. And when you read, you can discover new things within you. Have you tried laughing as hard as you can to the point that it made your stomach hurt because of something you read? Have you experienced waking up with swollen eyes because all you did is crying all night due to the heart breaking scenario in a book you have read?  Have you imagine being in the shoe of the character in your favorite novel? Did you already find your ideal man as one of the characters in the books? If so, then congratulations!   Show up that you are bookworm. Because having a habit of reading does not necessarily means that you are nerd. Reading books doesn’t always giving you an impression of being weird. Reading means exploring the world beyond its limit.

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